JO&QUIM is a shirt brand that puts the quality of the fabrics, the elegance of the designs and the durability of the details as its’ priorities. Our shirts are designed for those who face the day with attitude and desire, whether you are in the office or out having fun.

Our values include elegance, style and professionalism mixed with a daring and adventurous attitude. Our shirts, available for both men and women, are made for day to day wear and for all your most intrepid experiences.

Behind the JO&QUIM brand we are Blanca and Quim, two siblings who have lived in the fashion field since childhood thanks to the family textile business. In mid-2017 we created the brand designing shirts only, and in less than two years, we have diversified what we offer; We currently offer a total look (pants, sweaters, shirts, etc.). Our future plans are to continue to grow and expand the product range, maintaining the highest quality standards.

JO&QUIM is a global brand created in Barcelona, where you can find our actual store at Calle Arimón 26, Barcelona. We produce our designs from local suppliers, and we sell them worldwide through our online store.

Do you have an important business meeting? Saturday dinner with your friends from college?

Family barbecue on Sunday? About to go on vacation … and you’re thinking … What do I put in my suitcase?

At JO&QUIM you will find your outfit for every moment.