General Conditions of Purchase

These General Conditions of Purchase govern the use of the website (hereinafter “the website”) owned by Fashion Service And Vintage Retail, S.L. Fashion Service And Vintage Retail, S.L. (hereinafter FSVR) is a limited company with registered business address at C/Terol 5 in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, and holder of Spanish Tax Identity No. B63831358, registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, in volume 37512, on page 0218, in General Section, and with an email:, being one of its trademarks JO&QUIM (hereinafter JO&QUIM). By using the services offered by JO&QUIM online store, users are consenting to be bound by the General Conditions of Purchase corresponding to the version published by FSVR when the purchase order is placed. It is therefore advisable for customers to read these General Conditions of Purchase before making a purchase.


These General Conditions of Purchase are applicable to the online sale of all JO&QUIM products to consumers and which may be delivered. FSVR hereby informs you that its website is for people aged 18 and over only. FSVR reserves the right to cancel a user’s access account if it detects fraudulent, speculative acts or acts in bad faith in the use of this service.


There are no restrictions. The only condition is that the card has to be from the same country from where the purchase is made.


The applicable prices are those quoted on the website at the time the order is placed. The prices are displayed for each product and are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). Customers are informed of the breakdown of the shipping costs when the order is placed, even if the shipment is free. FSVR reserves the right to make any changes it considers necessary at any time; it may update, including on a daily basis, products and prices in accordance with new items that are included on the website.


Payment will be done at the end of the purchase process and it is mandatory for the order to be placed. In no case can the payment be done in arrears of the purchase. Payments may be made by credit or debit card Visa® or Mastercard®, as well as PayPal. In all cases, the choice of payment method is made during the checkout process on the corresponding step. Customers must notify FSVR of any unauthorized charge or fraudulent use of their card used for purchases by email ( or telephone (+34.627.68.71.97) at the earliest opportunity so that FSVR may take the necessary actions. Payment service providers may also adopt anti-fraud measures that restrict certain types of operations or transactions. FSVR holds no responsibility for the application of this type of security policies.


The delivery time shall not exceed 30 days since the purchase date. Deliveries will be shipped to the address specified by the customer. However, in order to get more detail information regarding time and shipping cost, please check the below table:

Country *Delivery  **Shipping Costs (depends on the total amount)
Spain (Peninsular)24 – 48 hours6,90€> 150€ – Free
Catalonia24 – 48 hours5,90€> 150€ – Free
Balearic Islands24 – 96 hours17,90€> 150€ – Free
Ceuta y Melilla24 – 96 hours29,90€> 150€ – Free
Gibraltar24 – 96 hours29,90€> 150€ – Free
Andorra24 – 96 hours19,90€> 150€ – Free
Portugal24 – 72 hours6,90€> 100€ – Free


Country *Delivery  **Shipping Costs (depends on the total amount)
Albany48 – 120 Hours34,90€>220€ – Free
Argentina48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Australia48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Austria48 – 120 Hours17,90€>200€ – Free
Bahamas48 – 120 Hours104,90€>700€ – Free
Bahrein48 – 120 Hours104,90€>700€ – Free
Bangladesh48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Belarus48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Belgium48 – 120 Hours17,90€>200€ – Free
Belize48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Bolivia48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Bosnia & Herzegovina48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Brazil48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Bulgaria48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Canada48 – 120 Hours94,90€>700€ – Free
Colombia48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Costa Rica48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Czech Republic48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Chile48 – 120 Hours 80,90€>650€ – Free
China48 – 120 Hours60,90€>600€ – Free
Chipre48 – 120 Hours50,90€>420€ – Free
Croatia48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Denmark48 – 120 Hours20,90€>220€ – Free
Dominican Republic48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Ecuador48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Egypt48 – 120 Hours89,90€>650€ – Free
El Salvador48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
England48 – 120 Hours21,90€>300€ – Free
Estonia48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Faroe Island48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Finland48 – 120 Hours20,90€>220€ – Free
France48 – 120 Hours14,90€>200€ – Free
Germany48 – 120 Hours17,90€>200€ – Free
Greece48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Groenlandia48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Guatemala48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Haití48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Holland48 – 120 Hours17,90€>200€ – Free
Honduras48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Hong Kong48 – 120 Hours60,90€>600€ – Free
Hungary48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Iceland48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
India48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Ireland48 – 120 Hours20,90€>250€ – Free
Israel48 – 120 Hours89,90€>650€ – Free
Italy48 – 120 Hours17,90€>220€ – Free
Indonesia48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Japan48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Jordan48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Kuwait48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Latvia48 – 120 Hours24,90€>350€ – Free
Libia48 – 120 Hours89,90€>650€ – Free
Lichtenstein48 – 120 Hours54,90€>450€ – Free
Lithuania48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Luxembourg48 – 120 Hours17,90€>250€ – Free
Macedonia48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Malasya48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Malta48 – 120 Hours50,90€>420€ – Free
Mexico48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Moldavia48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Monaco48 – 120 Hours17,90€>200€ – Free
Montenegro48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Morocco48 – 120 Hours74,90€>620€ – Free
New Zealand48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Nicaragua48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Norway48 – 120 Hours41,90€>350€ – Free
Panama48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Paraguay48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Peru48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Philippines48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Poland48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Puerto Rico48 – 120 Hours80,90€>700€ – Free
Qatar48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Romania48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Russia48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
San Marino48 – 120 Hours54,90€>450€ – Free
Saudi Arabia48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Scotland48 – 120 Hours20,90€>250€ – Free
Serbia48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
Singapore48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Slovak Republic48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
Slovenia48 – 120 Hours34,90€>250€ – Free
South Africa48 – 120 Hours104,90€>720€ – Free
South Korea48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
Sweden48 – 120 Hours20,90€>220€ – Free
Switzerland48 – 120 Hours41,90€>270€ – Free
Taiwan48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Thailand48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Turkey48 – 120 Hours74,90€>620€ – Free
Ukraine48 – 120 Hours81,90€>650€ – Free
United Arab Emirates48 – 120 Hours98,90€>700€ – Free
United States48 – 120 Hours94,90€>700€ – Free
Uruguay48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free
Venezuela48 – 120 Hours80,90€>650€ – Free

** Orders placed during the week (from Monday to Friday, non-public holidays) before 1.30 pm will be dispatched on the same day, all orders sent after 1.30 pm will be dispatched the next business day. All orders sent during the weekend will be dispatched on Monday (except on holidays).* In case your country does not appear in the list, please contact us: On the other hand, those countries where there are customs expenses, those will be assumed by the customer.


In the case of unsuccessful delivery because the person is absent, the shipping company will leave a notification and will try to contact the person by phone. After two attempts, the customer will need to contact the shipping company in order to arrange the delivery.


You have 15 days to change or return a product, provided they have not been used and are in their original packaging, with labels in perfect condition. In order to proceed with the change or return you must complete the respective from, depending on what you want. Both forms can be downloaded here: “changes” and “returns”. EXCHANGE/RETURN FORM. The costs of exchange or return vary by country. Please check the conditions of purchase, in section 6.1. to know the cost according to your country.

In case you have bought one of our clothes in a multi-brand store, the terms of return and exchange, will be the ones decided by the store. However, if you have a problem that you cannot solve, you can contact us at


Changes and/or returns will be at the customer’s expense.

As for the other destinations, the costs of changes and returns are those that appear in the last column of the table that we can find in the point “5 Delivery” on these General Conditions of Purchase. Example: in the case of Portugal the cost would be 6.90€, while for France or Andorra would be 19.90€.

In any case, exchange of one model for a different one will not be accepted, only the size can be changed. To exchange an item for another, you must return it and make a new purchase.


In the event of any supply shortage or the stock of a product running out, customers will be immediately informed and refunded for the amount of the products affected. FSVR shall refund the customer the corresponding amount within 15 calendar days since the date it was informed of the cancellation request. The refund will be made via the same method used for payment.


FSVR may cancel any order or not accept a confirmed order for the following reasons:

  1. In case of technical or typographical error in the prices or in the rest of data of the products that contained by the web page.
  2. Due to lack of availability of the products, according to section 7 above.
  3. When security systems indicate that the order may be fraudulent.
  4. When there is reason to believe that the client or user is a minor.

FSVR will refund the amounts paid in any of the above cases.


The customer has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 calendar days without justification. The withdrawal period will expire at 14 calendar days from the day the customer makes the purchase.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to notify the decision of withdrawal by means of an unequivocal statement. (For example, a letter by mail or an email)

Post Mail:


C/Terol 5, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat  – Spain


Telephone: +34.627.68.71.97

We remind you that you do NOT have to provide your card details through email or social networks.

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is necessary that the client send his intention to withdrawal before the expiration of the 14 calendar days.

In case of withdrawal, we will return the payment of your receipt to the customer, does not include the shipping costs, without any delay, and in any case within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the date the customer notifies us. The return will be made using the same method with which the customer made the purchase.

For its part, FSVR can retain the refund process until it receives the goods that are returned.

For its part, the client must return or deliver directly to FSVR the goods without undue delay, and in any case within a period of 14 calendar days from the date on which his decision to withdrawal is notified. The term will be considered completed if it makes the return of the goods before the mentioned term has finished.

Once FSVR receives the product or products, it will verify that it is in good condition and will proceed to the refund of the amount.


For your safety FSVR has relied on the payment system by credit and debit card to a payment gateway. The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank’s servers and, subsequently, they are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse.

Only the Bank has access to bank details linked to these means of payment, so that FSVR does not know or record these data during the payment transaction or at any other time.


For any questions, suggestions, queries or complaints about the online store, you can contact the customer service: or +34.627.68.71.97.


These General Conditions of Purchase are subject to Spanish legislation. With waiver of any other jurisdiction, the parties submit, to the Courts and Tribunals that by law correspond to the resolution of any conflicts derived or related to the contract.